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Friday, October 7

SONG OF THE DAY: The Creator Has A Master Plan

Pharaoh Sanders died the other week, and he was pretty amazing. This is a cover of one of his more famous songs, or at least my favorite. I don’t even know shit about the group who covered it; I just follow all these mp3 music blogs still, like it’s 2008, and one of them is a collective of DJs that release souldie mixes, and this was on one, and it rose to the top of the old iphone I use as an ipod’s play count, because I enjoyed the fuck out of it. The Pharaoh original versions on record are also great, but also recorded versions of free form songs that were played even more often live as like single snapshots of some shit that was going on constantly. It’s all very immense, and what we have to *consume* is only a tiny fraction of it all. Which of course is why this song is so beautiful in the first, and last place (alpha and omega), because ultimately we can’t control all this shit. We don’t even do a good job controlling the little tiny fraction of It All that we’ve created ourselves. You gotta let it go, and you gotta have faith, in something or another, or else you’re gonna be panicking all the damn time. Ride it out. It’ll be okay. Hopefully.

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