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Thursday, March 9

a heroic crown about the power of lounge

[All them previous freestyle sonnets made a heroic crown with their last lines, like magic...]
Overlooking how universe truly provides, 
chasing beguiled dreams of pyramid schemes of gold, 
ignoring ebb and flow lessons of lunar tides, 
indoctrination causing inside stranglehold. 

Outlaw minds don't do well with domestic guidelines, 
probably best practice to keep your bindle light 
while navigating these empirical declines. 
It’s best to follow signs the conscious mind can’t cite; 

fools entrust their brain to overcome lack of soul. 
Manmade world is riddled with manufactured sleights; 
meanwhile, this shiftless prole maintains his aimless stroll, 
enjoying the accumulated wild style sights  

as a natural born loser. I know the deal... 
my human roots ain't ragged but raw, rugged, real. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Spells be cast. Thought I saw the spelling, then you rewrapped in some totality. Do you dare to read your tell/spell at once?
Raevenwulf cuz this is some long overarching shit.