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Thursday, March 23

SONG OF THE DAY: It's a New Day

I was looking for my Sun Ra poetry book to read his words over the next DJ Honeysuckle Vines mixtape, but I couldn’t find it (naturally) not because my house is a chaotic mess but because obviously it wasn’t the right time in the eyes of the Universe for me to read Sun Ra words over a loop of a slowed down breakbeat 45 of Vaughn Mason’s “Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll”. The Universe has a way (The Way) of making things happen the way (The Way) they’re supposed to. But while I was looking, I got lost in this chain of thoughts about how Sun Ra always said “the days after the end of time” because Armageddon is only real if you’re attached to the way things are now. And then in my mind, right after that was Flavor Flav going, “Armageddon’s cold been in effect… go get your late pass.”
I talk at Southern Gothicc Futurist events about what southern gothicc futurism means, and a key foundation is how the south has brown (indigenous Americans), black (African heritage), and white (European heritage) in abundance living in proximity with each other which can recreate the old historical tradition of “tri-racial isolates” where those three heritages wandered off together and had communities separate from the colonial experiment. In fact, I got to thinking how even considering being white a heritage is a mistake, because anybody who is considered white had a heritage from before that, which likely had more ancient traditions than this 1950s housewife tradwive bullshit is. In order to become white, you have to abandon all other heritages and get bleached into the heritage-less tradition of consumerism, where you just buy new shit all the time to maintain your identity. And that’s the system we live under currently, but also it’s unsustainable as fuck, which is why they have police state trying to enforce us following it as closely as possible. And that’s the reality of this system, so you (if you are “white”) can’t sit in a room full of POC and say, “I’m not really white, I’m Celtic-American” or some shit. But you can (and should) commit race treason as often as possible when in circles of other white folks. Race treason is your obligation, in fact, as a good and decent human being.
Tri-racial isolates were mostly trying to hide out from the vengeful expansion of colonialism back in the day, basically just being like, “look, just leave us the fuck alone and let us be; we don’t want nothing to do with your shit.” I look forward to what’s next, after the end of times, to replace the unsustainable ways we currently consider normalcy, and how it will hopefully be a post-Apocalyptic form of tri-racial isolationism, where isolate means living with your corner of the world as opposed to globalism rather than purposefully hiding from anything else. An isolationism where you limit the greedy expansion of yourself is not a bad thing.
Anyways, these were my thoughts as I was rummaging around trying to find the Sun Ra poetry book I couldn’t find, which I know the Universe stashed somewhere just right for me to find later, like 9 mixtapes into the future, when it’s more important and necessary for me to be reading Sun Ra words over top that Vaughn Mason bootleg breakbeat 45. Hopefully, the “It’s a New Day” 45 I got will be here by then and I can throw that in the mix right after, and call the mixtape It’s a New Day. But maybe I won’t. It’s certainly a good anthem to slow down and refrain and loop and echo through a listening person’s mind as words of post-Apocalyptic encouragement to embrace continue walking into the future, but at a lackadaisical pace, so that you can look around and enjoy the walk more fully.

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