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Monday, March 6

SONG OF THE DAY: Making Cash Money

I love a good “making cash money” song because I am, in fact, the opposite of this vibe. I’d guess the bulk of folks throughout the times of hip hop who have bumped songs about making cash money are of the same lot in life, and it’s one of those situations where we happily manifest the opposite of reality. It’s a great release that helps you forget how crushing an economic system we live in, which is even more so now with digital tracking and credit scores and shit that wasn’t even hitting as hard when this song first came out. We really did create one fucked up way of living here in America. Anyways, I could really use a magical influx of cash money; or I could use the end of this system we currently live in. I’d be good with either one to be honest. I think my escape the crushing conditions is more individualistic – the end of this horrible system would be collective. That’d be painful too, to navigate the transitions, but there’s no reason we can’t make catchy songs for that, too, to sing around the pallet fires at night together. Or we could just keep singing how we’re making cash money around the pallet fires. That’d be wonderfully dystopian, and actually happens already, in houseless camps everywhere. What an amazing country, lol.

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