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Friday, March 31

SONG OF THE DAY: Saturno 2000

I’ve seen a couple baseball jerseys that say CUMBIA which ultimately is a good idea. But also if you look it up, some minor league baseball team in Corpus Christi, Texas, changed their name to the Cumbias for a period last summer, to celebrate diversity but also to sell weird jerseys to dorks like me. Looks like folks have made bootleg CUMBIA baseball jerseys to look like the San Francisco Giants as well as the Dodgers, but sadly, I do not see a San Diego Padres City Connect neon vaporwave color scheme, but in away black instead of home white, with CUMBIA on it. Make that shit flannel too, so it’s thick and scratchy and I have to wonder to myself how they even found hot pink flannel material. I want it to be completely old school authentic as well as futuristic as fuck. But then don’t make it for sale on the internet, instead just let some weird ass old cumbia veterano or ruca make them, and distribute them like a bizarre Dungeon Master where they don’t even entertain you getting a jersey unless you can talk about Celso Piña but ultimately will start expecting you to know about Joaquín Bedoya. Anyways, I was once in love with a Colombian woman, as she was with me, but it was not meant to be, and when I listen to cumbia music, I dance joyfully, but there is melancholy within my motion.

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