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Tuesday, March 21

SONG OF THE DAY: Skunk Funk Go-Go

Where I live is in the country, and there’s a sharp ass hairpin turn that descends pretty steep too, heading down to a bridge that got washed out in a flood in 1969, and being it’s country, it’s always either crazy rural fools flying through here, or rich folks who bought giant houses out in the country because it was cheaper and they’re not California or Northern Virginia rich, just Blue Ridge foothills dilapidated county rich. Anyways, I try to do a good bit of yard loungin’, so I watch the cars fly through, slow down, almost hit each other, sometimes for days on end, just pausing the sun in the sky by shoving a forsythia bush against it and holding it there, and enjoying the vibes. There’s an old tree cross the road in the not clearly owned clump of underbrush full of decades of litter, but some old boy from down the road keeps the grassy part cut. There used to be a birdhouse nailed up to it, but that came down (sadly), and there’s a hole in the tree that you can see now that birdhouse is gone. I got a nice small Bluetooth speaker that I like to charge up on really nice prop the sun up high days, and put the speaker in the tree hole, and load up my iphone 4s that I use as an ipod full of go-go music, and just bump that shit. It makes the hairpin curve even more enjoyable as drunk on life fools are forced to slow down, and their unmuffled machines quiet for a second to coast downhill through the curve, and there’s go-go music blasting from a tree at the edge of nothing. One day, one dude even circled back and looked again, then circled back his first direction again and stopped, looking out the window, trying to figure it out. I was just sitting there watching. I got to be worried he might get out to go find the speaker, but also if he did, I was just gonna yell, “Now, you know that was my speaker!” at him from up in the yard. Years ago, my boy found a nice baseball hat on the ground at a gas station, and picked it up to have, and some dude walked from across the other side of the parking lot and said, “Now, you know what was my hat!” I’ve always filed that one away to use later in life, because that shit was hilarious, but I never got a chance to use it yet. I thought that one snooping ass redneck dude in the Civic was gonna be my chance, but I guess he didn’t feel like climbing all the way up out that seat on deep recline. Anyways, I only play go-go music in the speaker in the tree in that hairpin country curve, because I’m blessed enough to live in the space where the fringes of Appalachia share a Venn diagram with the fringes of the Go-Go Belt.

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