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Saturday, March 4

SONG OF THE DAY: The World (Is Going Up In Flames) (kudzu'd)

I've now got 5 different Sergio Tacchini track suits and 5 pairs of overalls covered in different patch motifs. This properly covers a month full of Sundays, for both warm and cold weather, even if I practice Sunday loungin' on Saturdays, Mondays, and the occasional Friday. Friday is usually its own vibe, and Thursdays are universally recognized as Little Fridays, and sometimes a nice Wednesday can feel like a Thursday, so a midget Little Friday, and the hope is for a week just like that, where you have Sunday (Saturday), Sunday (proper), Sunday (slowed weekend Monday), and then a Tuesday (playing the role of Monday in such a week), then midget Little Friday (Wednesday), Little Friday (Thursday), and Friday (proper). That's a good week when it's 3 Fridays, 3 Sundays, and a Monday sandwiched between so much lounge it's hard to even consider it a burden. One track suit is purple and one has lots of pink, and one patch motif overalls is purple and one is blue and one is green (on brown overalls), so really I got all the shit covered, for whatever color my aura is feeling that day, regardless of the emotional shitstorms being forecast my way by the unloungers who I'm forced to interact with due to the responsibilities that accumulate in a society such as our's. I'm saying all this because the world can feel horrible, but a big part of that is how the world conditions you to view it, like with a calendar. But nothing is enforced, and you can screw and chop your views of a calendar's boxes as much as necessary to keep it synchronized with the power of lounge. No society that ever became a civilization didn't not take itself too goddamned serious, and thus ruin all the lounge aka destroyed the possibility of a month full of Sundays by trying to justify a month full of Mondays. No right-minded, light-hearted human being actually trying to be a being by having all their habitual be's buzz towards the lighter side of life would ever want that. And yet civilization acts like that shit is normal. That's why I consider myself uncivilized, and also why my brown overalls with the orange patches smells like fire smoke because I been standing around the barrel fire a lot lately burning old worthless books and papers and yard debris. Those overalls match the fire barrel best, so that's why they smell like smoke now, good healthy fire smoke with traces of plastic and the smell of magazine dyes mixed in, not just straight up hardwood smoke like I heat my house that way, or cigarette smoke or nothing. Burn barrel smoke is its own perfect incense, and it sparks the power of lounge as well. Anyways, these are some thoughts as the world likes to act like it's going up in flames when actually it's spinning the same as ever, just with a lot more tiny lit-up screens. They can be distracting.

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