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Thursday, September 14

SONG OF THE DAY: En La Casa (kudzu'd)

“En la casa” is Spanish for “in the casa”. I learned that working a decade plus of construction. To be honest, it was the only job I could get at the time. You learn a lot by being trapped in dead ends. One of those weird things though, if you’ve never been trapped in dead ends or directed right into dead ends, you can’t really understand how fucked it feels. That’s why I suggest to a lot of people to practice shutting the fuck up more often. But that’s a hard skill to acquire when you’ve never been trapped in a dead end and are carefully looking for any tiny outlet to escape through. Anyways, I learned a lot of Spanish working construction. In fact, any time anything bad happens to me or like I stub my toe or something goes wrong like I didn’t win the lottery or I accidentally ran over a squirrel or the county sheriff just left after serving more papers, I still go “pinche escalera”. I’ve even got it tattooed on my leg, ironically in Old English letters.

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