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Tuesday, September 12

SONG OF THE DAY: Freak-A-Zoid (kudzu'd)

The other night, I went to bed early (I think) but got woken up by a buzzing/humming sound outside the window, like when the drug helicopters are looking for grow fields in the quarries, but closer and not as giant. Looked out and there was a blue/green glowing orb I guess hovering but it’s hard to tell if an orb is hovering or flying or just existing beyond gravitational pull, especially when it starts talking to you in a voice that sounds like Sun Ra but also your dead Uncle Ray. He got shot in a home invasion and lost three fingers on his right hand, including the thumb, so they grafted a big toe onto it so that he still had opposable digits, and he loved to thrust that two fingered one thumb hand at people and exaggeratedly go, “Nice to meet ya!” The voice told me that despite me playing records slow, I hadn’t slowed my own anxieties, so really hadn’t even begun to scratch the surface on the Power of Lounge. The voice challenged me to not really to do anything more but just to be my full self. So I’ve been working on that this week, trying to put together a more full version of dirtgod for when I’ve committed to going out in public and acting like I know what I’m doing. We’re simultaneously trying to activate full super freak mode but also just start letting the Power of Lounge start trickling in through the divisive barriers and obstacles put up everywhere. Not ones you see, all the invisible metaphysical barriers. And I’m not even trying to destroy those, because once you get into the reactionary mode of trying to destroy all that’s wrong with the world, you’re just swinging an angry hammer around everywhere all day long, and not being true to your heart. I’m just trying to seep through the cracks, and make ‘em worse. All this is gonna fall apart on its own because it wasn’t built right in the first place. I ain’t gotta do nothing but increase the Power of Lounge on my end, so that once it does all come apart, there’s a thick coating of goodness already on everything.

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