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Friday, September 15

SONG OF THE DAY: Samoan Cricket Bat

Done watched a lot of cricket since I first heard this song when it came out. I still don’t understand cricket all that clearly, but it seems to be a more complicated but chaotic version of baseball, and it’s the hottest sports rivalry you’re gonna find between Pakistan and India so it could conceivably trigger nuclear war. Not many sports can claim that. Like who the fuck outside of America cares about American football? We got all these nukes and nobody gives a fuck about our dumb sports beyond the border.
Related to the song, I've written and hyped up Bambu a bunch on here before, so if you're still here, you already know. But this is a hard ass song, even with you already knowing all that (if you've been paying attention, which to be honest is probably me expecting more of you than I should. No diss. All our brains are broken.)

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