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Saturday, September 30


Been fearing possible hexes in my life so also been scattering anti-hexes. It's natural for things to not go the best way in life but there are times where it feels like the vibes are off. It's also entirely plausible both those things are happening. Existence does not afford us the scientific method of changing one variable at a time, because real life has infinite variables perpetually shifting. Whatever magic you believe in enough to make real helps correct that wobble, whether it's real to everyone else or not. As I get older, I believe this more and more. I appreciate the good that the scientific method gives us, and how it does have the potential (if used righteously) to improve all our lives immensely. But it's got its limitations, and the scientific method doesn't like to acknowledge that. The human mind won't ever be able to figure it all out as fast as it is changing. We're always gonna be at least a million variables behind the curve of the universe. It's better to accept that and keep it moving than deny it and make it worse.
The problem with subjective reality and human beings though is some folks got really warped perspectives, and then catch you in their crosshairs. They believe they're right, which in their own mind they likely are. But in the overall preponderance of other minds, both human and non-human, they ain't even close to right. If you get too focused in their crosshairs, that creates problems for you. I've learned to try and lie low better than I used to, not inviting so much anti-dirtgod magic into my life easily, because enough comes along by happenstance. But it still happens, in moments you lose your focus, or just because you got caught slipping into the wrong stream of consciousness for a metaphysical minute. All you can do is try to keep it moving and throw up those anti-hexes like forearm armor, hoping to deflect the haters' curses.

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