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Thursday, April 15

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown - April ’10 Intro

I have decided to roll out the J.J. Krupert in a different manner starting this month, with a daily post of the songs that make up my stupid countdown of shit that I be playing semi-obsessively, complete with a stealing link for you to taste test the crap. Now two things about this I am uncomfortable with. First off, the internet is all about stealing music, and I have no problem with that. But this is not, nor will it ever be, some stupid fucking music blog. There are only actually about seven good music blogs left inside the internet, if that, as most of it is a compilation of links and demands to thank motherfuckers for the illegal download or share links back to the blog if you jack the upload link. That's a fairly pathetic attempt at ego boost through internet traffic, and I'm not gonna roll with that. I'm also not gonna put up one of those fake ass "The links on this page are for reviewing purposes only and you should remember to support the artists!" or that standard bullshit legal disclaimer that most music stealing blogs have. I love music, and you should too. This is shit I love. If you do not see fit to support the artist, fine. You live by that. And actually you probably support them more by going to see them live and buying a fucking t-shirt at the merch table. Plus some of the shit I will talk upon is obscure outdated nonsense from far-off lands, so you couldn't support it with money if you wanted to. Hell, you probably support that type of stuff by stealing it through my link to a song more than you could any other way. Spread the disease.
I also feel like a punk ass for switching up the format from one long ass post into 14 smaller posts, because it's not the overload of nonsense that I like to put my fake name behind. It makes me feel like I'm trying to drive up hits to pretend I'm internet famous and can con companies into giving me money for banner ads or some bullshit. But I'm not. To be completely honest, I just wanted an excuse to put up wacky pictures more often, usually pictures that I stole from other wacky websites, to make the thing more visually pleasing to me, and more of a clusterfuck of nonsense. I am all about clusterfucks of nonsense.
So with that intro, we shall start the J.J. Krupert Countdown of the Most Played Songs That I've Not Yet Talked About Under The J.J. Krupert Tag On My Tiny Shuffle Ipod Survival Of The Fittest Machine For The Month Of April, this time of day every day, for the next two weeks, bro. Feel free to comment. Also as a completely unrelated sidenote, there is a PO Box to the right there that is my bonafide actual PO Box that exists in real life like ugly people and Ikea stores and barbed wire tattoos on the girlfriends of dudes who wanted to be a Marine but didn't get in so now they lift a lot of weights. I have started a bonafide real life in the print thing that will come out every month or two, limited release each time, and every month the cumulative top three dudes who have sent shit to my PO Box will get a care package including whatever zine I've done. As it stands right now, I know RussMac in Georgia would be at the top of that list the end of this month, then probably Jersey Jared, and finally Ten Dollar David in Richmond, but that dude Joel I think from Williamsburg or some shit probably would deserve consideration too, but at the end of each month, the top three people who have mailed shit to my PO Box who are the strongest in my mind will get a package that might be nothing much or might be a shitty box full of nothing much more than nothing much. But there is that as well.
Damn... and I wanted to stop after that "I am all about clusterfucks of nonsense" but I had to go and ruin it with my usual verbal interpretation of that philosophy.
TOMORROW: Old school flavors of Richmond remembrances on warm Friday afternoons!

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