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Saturday, April 3

S14: NCAA Tournament Top Returning Scorers - Final Four Saturday

No blurbing because I'm doing this 1984 style.
#1: Kalin Lucas (Michigan State guard; 153 previous points in the tourney, 29 in this one)
#2: Raymar Morgan (Michigan State forward; 152 previous points, 48 in this one)
#3: Durrell Summers (Michigan State guard; 149 previous points, 80 in this one)
#4: Jon Scheyer (Duke guard; 134 previous points, 58 in this one)
#5: Kyle Singler (Duke forward; 127 previous points, 68 in this one)
#6: Da'Sean Butler (West Virginia guard; 124 previous points, 69 in this one)
#7: Nolan Smith (Duke guard; 110 previous points, 74 in this one)
#8: Shelvin Mack (Butler guard; 84 previous points, 66 in this one)
#9: Dreymond Green (Michigan State forward; 83 previous points, 32 in this one)
#10: Chris Allen (Michigan State guard; 81 previous points, 14 in this one)
#11: Gordon Hayward (Butler forward; 76 previous points, 64 in this one)
#12: Devin Ebanks (West Virginia forward; 68 previous points, 54 in this one)
#13: Matt Howard (Butler guard; 68 previous points, 31 in this one)
#14: Kevin Jones (West Virginia forward; 62 previous points, 61 in this one)

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