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Monday, April 5

S14: NCAA Tournament Top Returning Scorers - Championship Monday

Short and sweet today. Finally, done with this dumb shit.
#1: Jon Scheyer (Duke guard; 157 previous points in the tourney, 81 in this one) - Punk bitch message board rapper whiteboy.
#2: Kyle Singler (Duke forward; 148 previous points, 89 in this one) - Looks like meth-head MIT project.
#3: Nolan Smith (Duke guard; 129 previous points, 93 in this one) - Token.
#4: Shelvin Mack (Butler guard; 98 previous points, 80 in this one) - Only reason to watch tonight.
#5: Gordon Hayward (Butler forward; 95 previous points, 83 in this one) - Pinhead whiteboys don't go pro.
#6: Matt Howard (Butler guard; 72 previous points, 35 in this one) - Could be hurt.
#7: Willie Veasley (Butler forward; 60 previous points, 40 in this one) - Sold Cheech weed that wasn't weed.
#8: Lance Thomas (Duke forward; 54 previous points, 24 in this one) - Extra token.
#9: Brian Zoubek (Duke center; 47 previous points, 36 in this one) - Shittiest shithead to ever play basketball. Has passed Eric Montross on my all-time most hated list.
#10: Ronald Nored (Butler guard; 38 previous points, 34 in this one) - Some dude.
#11: Miles Plumlee (Duke forward; 22 previous points, all in this one) - Part of a clan of white Duke players that will expand by one more in two years.
#12: Avery Jukes (Butler forward; 21 previous points, 6 in this one) - Sounds like a rapper's name.
#13: Shawn Vanzant (Butler guard; 20 previous points, 15 in this one) - Mulatto Lynyrd Skynyrd offspring?
#14: Zach Hahn (Butler guard; 14 previous points, 12 in this one) - Justin Bieber.

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