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Tuesday, August 10

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown - June '10 #6: "Danny's Song (live)" by Loggins & Messina

Loggins & Messina’s double live LP On Stage (double LP that was recorded live, not they cloned themselves into two Kenny Logginses and two Jim Messinas) is the stupidest, gayest, most easy listening AM radio bullshit that I swear is awesome as fuck. This is a good example of why people born before 1980 should not have the internets. Or maybe they should make separate internets for different aged people, kinda like how different countries have different shit. I work with a China lady now and I have her look things up for me in her China internet because sometimes it’s there. I mean, you’re not gonna find the soundtrack to The Warriors movie in China internet, but you can find Mexican murder magazines there that are non-existent in American internet. You’d be surprised how much stuff they don’t allow in America internets, as would I, because I don’t see it either. Makes you wonder about all the conspiracies that are allowed, as well as all the porn that’s everywhere.
By the way, I have suspected they’ve actually fired up the HAARP beam the past few months, but perhaps I will save that for tomorrow’s ramble, as I don’t want to ruin the perfect feel good groove that Jimmy Messina and Kenworth Loggins put together with their band of friends and this lovely little song for you to live with a woman and cook potatoes and eggs and bacon on a Sunday morning and go to the paper box in your boxer shorts to get the Sunday paper and you read about football and she does the crossword and you come together at the style section and goddamn it they don’t even make newspapers in this country anymore. No wonder we are all fucked.
STEAL "Danny's Song"
: Even obscure black people have a great sense of rhythm!

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