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Friday, October 22

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown - August '10 #1: "Marriage of the Outlaw to the Straight and Narrow" by Blue Globe Beats

Another Boogie Brown beat, and I sit here wondering why I ain’t wearing a t-shirt with my own stupid phrase printed on the front? Why ain’t got a microphone plugged into the computer sitting underneath a baby doll on the kitchen floor? Why ain’t I got graffiti on the ceiling and why ain’t I got a tattoo on my left forearm to match the one on my right forearm but different? Why ain’t I got rims on my truck? Why I ain’t got a machine gun with an Oscar Zeta Acosta quote scratched into the side? Why ain’t I seen Boogie Brown in like a year, and why ain’t we play bones tonight at Deric’s house? Why ain’t I getting wild with the ol’ lady at the Wyndham in Lynchburg all weekend long? Why ain’t I trying harder to stop trying so hard? Life is real as fuck, but I’m a fresh-dipped soul warrior from SS Va. and we shall survive. My dad always said that, “Son, we’re survivors.” He also taught me of the special psychic powers we have, that I think my grandfather brought back from Korea. Seriously. That shit is in my aura beam, and if you see me in real life, it’ll shine at you. Nothing non-humble about it, because it’s as much a burden as a blessing, because the shining aura attracts the man-moths. No worries. Most of them folks got things to say that you can infuse yourself with. Too many folks expect the world to get sterilized and be biodynamically and environmentally and organically perfect. But life is too real for most people. It’s sex, trash, and making psychic lemonade all goddamn day/week/year long out of chronic lemonitis. Do it to it real world. We got these fake motherfuckers held by their attention span.
STEAL "Marriage of the Outlaw to the Straight and Narrow"
It would be the September Krupert countdown, when I moved my Itunes to a new computadora, so it will be the last hurrah of my originoo song clappaz!


Anonymous said...

I really like that. Feelin that way too. Shared with a friend. I don't know how all this works - that's the world and your blog mind you- but I think it may be easier to stamp an opinion on than Stephs ;)

dbl b said...

that does suck about "no bones at derick's" although throwin' bones in some shit hole dive bar sounds interesting