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Monday, September 2

World Haiku

Hey, I'm not sure if you do twitter or not but over the 3-day weekend I decided for no reason whatsoever other than this is how I do things to write a haiku about every country on earth, or at least every country that is either a member state or observer state with the United Nations. I did so on twitter. Here is a link to the hashtag I totally owned - #worldhaiku .
I may do something more with this, I may not. I'm not really sure what it is I'm even doing, but I know that I do it better than most anybody else. Please feel free to support Rojonekku Word Fighting Arts through Raven Mack Industries at either
buy a book on Amazon or paypal me donations or don't do shit, I don't give a fuck, this is just what I do. The world ain't got to support shit. But the world ain't got to see shit either. Fuckin' world.

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