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Saturday, June 23

World Cup Tanka: BELGIUM vs. TUNISIA (Match 27)

yoooo... Belgium yellow 
kits at the top of dirtgod 
holiday wish list 

the team itself pretty sick 
collection of world talents 

in principle, I'm 
all for Tunisia due to 

but they lack charismatic 
guiding light to get behind 

choosing Roberto 
Martinez as manager 
a pretty wise choice 

experience handling top 
talent assortment's egos 

the Belgian attack - 
with Hazard, Lukaku, plus 
others - far too much 

two goals up just like that, but 
Tunisia doesn't lay down 

got one back, and fought 
through first half, two injuries 
depleting options 

second half unleashes full 
throttle yellow Belgian push 

Lukaku's soft touch 
gives them third goal, and then it's 
wide open from there 

lesser team clutching closely 
loses hope rather quickly 

Belgian Red Devils 
more than legit contender 
to win whole damn thing 

this generation their best 
ever, and clicking to boot 

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