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Saturday, June 16

World Cup Tanka: FRANCE vs. AUSTRALIA (Match 5)

youthful colonized 
African diaspora 
French team - they don't quit 

ominous Triple F cock 
crest signifies beastliness 

Australia's bright ass 
yellow a welcome reprieve 
from boring Cup kits 

still a lesser caliber 
national team - uphill scrum 

the French precision 
machine built with young talent 
slowed by yellow sludge 

Socceroos keep it nasty, 
while France easily flops down 

yellow positive 
crowd grows in rowdiness as 
nil-nil gives them hope 

France obviously better, 
yet at halftime we're scoreless 

our first video 
review reveals penalty 
kick on tape delay 

Griezmann converts, then a 
stupid Umliti handball 

big beard Jedinak's 
penalty equalizer 
gets live crowd amped up 

French substitutions better 
than most nations' number 10s 

Australia hung tough 
but Pogba angled chip shot 
off crossbar for kill 

scrappiness could not conquer 
superior French talent 

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