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Monday, June 18

World Cup Tanka: BRAZIL vs. SWITZERLAND (Match 11)

it was Father's Day 
so I went to where I just moved 
from, kick it with kids 

my eldest daughter used to 
like Brazil, at least Neymar 

luckily she has 
matured, and now want to 
overthrow all states 

anyways, was gonna change 
separated wife's brake pads 

figured I'd listen 
to game on radio call 
on phone while working 

"this feed not available 
in your country" all I got 

world football's beauty 
is that despite money's clutch, 
it's the people's game 

America, however, 
is hardcore capitalist 

sitting in hot sun, 
checked the score, Brazil up 
at halftime; I worked 

was done before second half, 
but couldn't get that channel 

stuck in molasses 
of indecisive dinner, 
got home really late 

googled final score, and saw 
Switzerland pulled off the draw 

briefly considered
watching the replay... fuck it, 
went for long night walk 

lounged on somebody's porch for 
an hour, watched cars rush nowhere 

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