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Friday, June 15

World Cup Tanka: MOROCCO vs. IRAN (Match 3)

Morocco's return 
to World Cup finals after 
twenty year absence 

I've got a Morrocan kit, 
shit's fly as fuck, with the star 

pretty excited about 
Iran's World Cup potential, 
same core squad four years 

Carlos Queiroz constancy 
at coach gives them cohesion 

nations considered pair of 
Group B underdogs 

if either can win today, 
perhaps they challenge that line 

Morocco's early 
play is fluid, beautiful, 
a pleasure to watch 

Iranian goalkeeper's 
mango doogh kit also great 

exciting scoreless 
football for entire first half, 

group points gonna be harder 
against Portugal or Spain 

grew loud with crescendo of 
crowd vuvuzelas 

too much extra time always 
leads to potential heartbreak 

dangerous free kick 
into box own goaled nicely 
by Bouhaddouz 

Team Melli celebrates 
hard fought opening match win 

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