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Sunday, June 24

World Cup Tanka: JAPAN vs. SENEGAL (Match 31)

Japan played man-up 
against Colombia, and 
got a shocking win 

still almost lost though, so don't 
read too much into their win 

first African team 
to win was Senegal; such 
an exciting team 

stylish manager, hype ass 
supporters - whole aura lit 

Group H upside down, 
outright win by either team 
eliminates faves 

Senegal scoring early - 
Mane's knee reflects punch out 

Senegalese drums 
take over stadium, 'til 
Inui strikes back 

Japanese flood the box and 
equalize - fighting spirit 

Senegal applies 
pressure all at once like no 
others - Wague scores 

celebrations are short-lived 
because K. Honda enters 

Asian dude playing 
Liga MX? that's hardcore 
metaphysics shit 

clusterfuck leaves open goal, 
and Honda equalizes 

finish all even, 
Group H has too many teams 
in my opinion 

this Japanese team's grown on 
me, and still love Senegal 

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